Storage Space in Evernote

I remember reading something about you using Evernote, and I was wondering if you ever run out of space to store things? I was thinking about getting into using it. ~ Anonymous

Hi! The short answer is, no – you don’t ever run out of storage space over the long run, but the long answer is slightly more complicated.

The way Evernote handles the issue of space is that you get a certain amount of upload capability per month. With a free account, it’s 60 MB per month, which is a lot of text notes, but if you start uploading images or pdfs, you can use that up pretty quickly. For a paid account ($5 a month), you get 1GB of storage per month, which is, well, rather a lot. Then, at the end of the month, your storage limits reset, so you get another 60 MB or 1 GB of data. If you are just getting started, and want to get a bunch of data uploaded, you could always pay for an account just for a month or two, to get all your things onto their server*, and then continue on with a free account. Because, once you have uploaded something to the server, it’s there until you delete it, and you have unlimited storage space from that perspective. In other words, you’re limited to the amount you can upload in a single month, but ultimately, the storage is unlimited.

I don’t know exactly how much storage space I am using (several GBs; I have a lot of things scanned documents saved as pdfs, so I can throw away the paper copies), but I have about 17,000 individual notes in Evernote, and it works fine. Sometimes, with that many notes, the search function is a little slow, but it’s still WAY faster than if I had to try and find things by navigating through folders as I did before Evernote.

Hopefully this answers your question. 🙂 I genuinely love Evernote and use it every single day, so I would highly recommend it.

*A free way to get around the single month upload limit is that you can put an unlimited number of notes into “local” folders – ones that are not sync’d to Evernote’s servers. It only uses upload space when you put things in a “synchronized” notebook. For me, a big part of Evernote is having the cloud back up so I basically sync everything, but while you’re getting started, if you want to avoid having to pay for an account, you could put notes in a local folder, get them all tagged and organized the way you want them, and then just transfer them slowly, over time, into synchronized notebooks as you get more storage space each month.

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