Biometry Presentation

Giving a short presentation tomorrow in my biometry class on my turtle research. So here, have some slides! It was actually REALLY cool to have a first stab at analyzing my preliminary data, from three field seasons. I still have one more field season before I’ll be finished with this project. But, it was COOL! I’m not yet able to answer my main question: do these turtles exhibit nest site fidelity? But I’m starting to tease apart the various factors that may influence how they decide where to nest. tumblr_mefk6lkYAQ1r5vtdno1_1280tumblr_mefk6lkYAQ1r5vtdno2_1280tumblr_mefk6lkYAQ1r5vtdno6_1280tumblr_mefk6lkYAQ1r5vtdno3_1280tumblr_mefk6lkYAQ1r5vtdno4_1280

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