Bodega Bay

Last Thursday, we took advantage of one of the last few days of summer to make a trip to the coast. I’d driven through Bodega Bay before (on our return trip from Mount St. Helens last year), but this is the first time I’d stopped and spent any time there. We had lunch in a bay-side restaurant, where we got to watch pelicans and seals and sea lions and cormorants and, yes, gulls who looked like they might go crazed and attack at any moment. ūüėČ

Then, we went to the beach for a while, via the Bird Walk – a trail of about a mile (I’m guessing; maybe less, maybe a bit more, but probably less) which runs alongside a creek that flows into the ocean just south of the bay. It was a great day.

Doran Beach:

Beach, near Bodega Bay

Marbeled Godwit:

Day - Marbeled Godwit

The Bird Walk:

View along the Bird Walk, Bodega Bay

Doran Beach:


Breaking waves:

Breaking Waves

Ring-billed Gull:

Ring-billed Gulls

Heerman’s Gull:

Heerman's Gull

Marbeled Godwit again:

Marbeled Godwit



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