Muir Woods

Visited Muir Woods yesterday, and took some less-than amazing photos with my iPhone; I was too lazy to bring my SLR, a decision I sort of regret. Although carrying the huge camera with me on the hike we ended up doing wouldn’t have made me happy, so it was probably for the best.

These redwoods are not the same species as the photo I posted a few days ago. These are Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). This species has the distinction of being the potentially tallest living organism on earth.

Sometimes I take redwoods for granted, living here in northern California where I get to see them regularly. But then I remember how truly magnificent they are, and I am grateful to have them nearby. Yesterday was one of those days. I also love the ferns and the fungi, and pretty much everything else about the redwood forest.

I’ve been in love with redwood trees since I was very small; the house where I lived throughout most of my childhood had a massive redwood tree growing in the front yard, and I thought it that tree as a constant companion. I was heartbroken, after we moved out of that house, when the new owners cut it down. (I still haven’t forgiven them).

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