July 2nd

Last day at the field site. To be honest, I’m looking forward to going home. Last night was a bit disappointing. We had four or five turtles out of the water, but no nests. Turtle 240, the double-clutch female, did attempt to nest, but she hit a rock. There was another aborted attempt right near the water, as well. Hopefully, tonight will be better. There are several females with telemetry out, so hopefully we’ll get a couple of nests. Ah well, it’s fun, anyway.


Oh, and I felt a small earthquake two nights ago, centered around 4 miles from here. I felt an earthquake up here last year, as well. I wonder if that means they have them more frequently here than back at home? In any case, it was pretty cool.


Now, sitting in the rec room, trying to stay cool. Still three hours before we go to the field site. Maybe I’ll try to take a nap. Or read another story. I’ve done a good job journaling up here. Let’s see how well I am able to keep it up once I get home tomorrow.

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